Three-dimensional coupled numerical modelling of lab-level full-scale TBM disc cutting tests

Baoyuan Jiang & Gao-Feng Zhao & Qiuming Gong & Xiao-Bao Zhao

In this work, comprehensive numerical modelling was conducted on the full-scale linear cutting test with a TBM disc cutter. Several numerical techniques, including local particle refinement and the coupling of different numerical methods (4D-LSM, DDA, and NMM), were adopted to more realistically reproduce the actual experimental loading conditions. The coupled numerical method was first calibrated against the normal cutting force of the normal linear cutting test with large blocks of granite. Following the calibration, numerical predictions of the inclined cutting and double-channel continuous cutting processes were conducted, and the numerical results showed good agreement with previous experimental observations. The influences of cutting speed, particle size, and multiscale coupling techniques were further discussed, and some suggestions were derived on the selection of proper numerical parameters and techniques in the numerical simulation of 3D large-scale TBM disc cutting lab tests.