Modelling 3D jointed rock masses using a lattice spring model

Gao-Feng Zhao

This study further develops the distinct lattice spring model (DLSM) to model jointed rock masses as agroup of particles linked with spring bonds. This unified description of jointed rock masses is realisedthrough the introduction of continuum- and discontinuum-based spring bonds into the DLSM. The jointsare geometrically inputted as a group of triangles to aid in the generation of discontinuum-based springbonds that are formed from a cutting operation between triangles and initial continuum-based springbonds. A simple elasto-brittle model and Mohr–Coulomb constitutive model are introduced for thecontinuum- and discontinuum-based spring bonds to describe the mechanical responses of jointed rockmasses. With these developments, the DLSM's ability to model jointed rock masses is demonstratedthrough numerical examples.