Implementation of a coupled plastic damage distinct lattice spring model for dynamic crack propagati

Chao Jiang,Gao‐Feng Zhao

This paper studies dynamic crack propagation by employing the distinct latticespring model (DLSM) and 3‐dimensional (3D) printing technique. A damage‐plasticity model was developed and implemented in a 2D DLSM. Applicabilityof the damage‐plasticity DLSM was verified against analytical elastic solutionsand experimental results for crack propagation. As a physical analogy, dynamicfracturing tests were conducted on 3D printed specimens using the split Hopkinson pressure bar. The dynamic stress intensity factors were recorded, andcrack paths were captured by a high‐speed camera. A parametric study wasconducted to find the influences of the parameters on cracking behaviors,including initial and peak fracture toughness, crack speed, and crack patterns.Finally, selection of parameters for the damage‐plasticity model was determined through the comparison of numerical predictions and the experimentally observed cracking features