A Numerical Study on Toppling Failure of a Jointed Rock Slope  by Using the Distinct Lattice Spring

Ji‑Jian Lian · Qin Li · Xi‑Fei Deng · Gao‑Feng Zhao · Zu‑Yu Chen

In this work, toppling failure of a jointed rock slope is studied by using the distinct lattice spring model (DLSM). The gravity increase method (GIM) with a substep loading scheme is implemented in the DLSM to mimic the loading conditions of a centrifuge test. A classical centrifuge test for a jointed rock slope, previously simulated by the fnite element method and the discrete element model, is simulated by using the GIM-DLSM. Reasonable boundary conditions are obtained through detailed comparisons among existing numerical solutions with experimental records. With calibrated boundary conditions, the infuences of the tensional strength of the rock block, cohesion and friction angles of the joints, as well as the spacing and inclination angles of the joints, on the fexural toppling failure of the jointed rock slope are investigated by using the GIM-DLSM, leading to some insight into evaluating the state of fexural toppling failure for a jointed slope and efectively preventing the fexural toppling failure of jointed rock slopes.

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