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With the development of computer computing power, the discrete method is expected to become the mainstream in solid mechanics (including rock mechanics) research. The developers of DICE2D believe this and are willing to take a gamble on the discrete approach to DICE, also known as DICE, in reference to Professor Albert Einstein's observation of quantum mechanics that "God does not roll DICE". For discrete element method, there are a large number of foreign commercial codes, such as PFC and EDEM series, as well as large foreign open source code, such as YADE. The original intention of DICE2D is to provide an easy to use discrete element source code, so that graduate students can master the underlying principle, development and extension of discrete element in a short time.

The detailed knowledge of the Discrete Element method adopted by DICE2D, including the specific principle, data structure, constitutive and parallel design, is introduced in the book High Performance Computing and the Discrete Element Model. Due to copyright reasons this website does not provide books electronic download and dissemination, please forgive me.

DICE2D is written on the platform of Matlab, and the scientific calculation toolbox of Matlab is used to realize it in parallel. Users who need large-scale computing can purchase tianhe-1 computer from Tianjin National Supercomputer Center (DICE2D is tianhe-1 independent software project of Tianjin Supercomputer Center).

God is not rolling dice                           

Simulated Case Study
关于DECI2D的几个问题及回答 2017年2月16日.docx
02 DICE2D Parallel V1.0
02 DICE2D Parallel V1.0 test(1).zip
01 DICE2D V1.0 test(1).zip
01 DICE2D V1.0
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