Numerical Laboratory
of Rock Mechanics

The team was established in 2015 and belongs to the State Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety, Tianjin University. With rock mechanics as the background, the team developed Lattice Spring Model discrete numerical calculation method, aiming to carry out original basic research and high-tech application basic research for the scientific and technological problems encountered in the high-standard and high-quality construction and long-term safe operation of major water conservancy projects. The team has always adhered to independent research and development and technological innovation, and developed NumericalBox3D, an internationally leading real fracture process analysis system, including DLSM and 4D-LSM methods. At the same time, the team vigorously promotes academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and strengthens talent team construction and training.
At present, there are 1 postdoctoral fellow, 8 doctoral candidates and 6 master candidates in the team. We have trained 10 master graduates, two of whom have been recommended to further their studies abroad.
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Zhao Gaofeng
Professor, PhD supervisor
博士后 2020
Major Education: PhD, Rock Mechanics, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, 2010
Master, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, China, 2007
B.S., Structural Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, China, 2004
The main research areas include: Rock dynamics, multiscale methods and high performance computing. He is committed to the research of numerical calculation methods of rock dynamics, multi-scale coupling, fluid-structure coupling, and high performance computing. He has established a new discrete numerical calculation model DLSM and a discrete numerical calculation model 4D-LSM which considers the interaction of four-dimensional space.




PhD Graduated
Master Graduated
Name: Li Shijin
Education: Postdoctoral fellow, 2020
Job title:
Name: Jiang Chao
Degree: PhD
Industry: Real estate
Current employer: China Tecshin Real Estate
Position: Manager
Name: Zhang Yuliang
Degree: PhD
Industry: Real estate
Current employer: Hebei University of Technology
Position: Lecturer
Name: Rui Fuxin
Degree: PhD 2017
Research: Mechanical rock breaking assisted by strong electromagnetic wave
Name:Fu Meng
Degree: PhD 2019
Research: High performance computing

Name: Hao Yimin
Degree: PhD 2020
Research direction: Rock and soil blasting
Name:Muhammad Shoaib (Pakistan)
Degree: PhD 2021
Name: Yang Zhenqi
Degree: PhD 2021Tianjin
Research: Geomechanics constitutive model
Name: Li Zhe
Degree: PhD 2020
Research: Discrete numerical calculation method for elastic-plastic constitutive fracture flow
Name: Wei Xindong
Degree: PhD 2019
Research: discrete element numerical calculation method, constitutive model, 3d reconstruction of materials
Name: Li Yiming
Degree: PhD 2018
Research: Numerical method for estimating rock mechanics parameters and digital twis
Name: Deng Zhiqiang
Degree: Master
Institution: CCCC Second Navigation Engineering Co., LTD
Industry: Civil engineering, science and technology research
Title: Assistant engineer
Name: Hou Senwei
Degree: Master
Institution: Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., LTD
Industry: Geotechnical laboratory
Title: Assistant engineer
Name: Qiao Lei Degree: Master Institution: Industry: Title:
Name: Zhang Haoyue
Degree: Master
Institution: the University of New South Wales
Industry: Meshfree method
Title: PhD student
Name: Yin Chaofan Degree: Master Institution: China Energy Construction Group Shanxi Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Co., LTD Industry:Geotechnical/structure Title: Intermediate engineer
Name: Sun Jianhua Degree: Master Institution: China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design and Research Co. Ltd. Industry: Title:
Name: Chen Hua
Degree: Master
Institution: Gansu Civil Engineering Research Institute
Industry: reinforcement
Title: Chief engineer
Name: Hu Xiaodong Degree: Master Institution: University of Sydney Industry:  Rock tunnel blasting and propagation of explosion waves Title: PhD student
Name: Xu Zhichao Degree: Master 2019 Research:
Name: Lee Ka Lok Degree: Master 2019 Research: digital image correlation, numerical centrifugal calculation
Name: Du Yao Degree: Master 2020 Research: Laser assisted rock fragmentation
Name: Deng Yusheng Degree: Master 2021 Research: Geotechnical mechanics and Engineering
Name: Chen Yifeng Degree: Master 2021 Research: Geotechnical mechanics and Engineering
Name: Yang Hao Degree: Master 2021 Research: Tianjin University Subject:
Name: Dong Jiaqing Degree: Master 2021 Research:
Name: Jiang Baoyuan Degree: Master 2019 Research: Numerical simulation of large scale rock cutting
Name: Zhang Yujie Degree: Master 2020 Research:
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